Join the fastest growing eCommerce investor in the Australia

At Outfund, we've created a funding option that redefines how founders grow their businesses. We're a mix of founders, engineers, debaters and innovators, but we're all building the same thing. An organisation that makes more capital more accessible to more people.

Our team's experiences are global in nature and encompass a wide range of industries, with Outfund employees having worked at some of the world's largest companies. We are able to offer our clients a level of practical knowledge, insight, and enthusiasm that we believe is unmatched. It's a place where ‘good enough' is never good enough.

Outfund London Team
  • £100M

    Invested in 2020 globaly

  • 4

    Operating countries

  • 52+

    Team and growing

  • £37M

    We raised so far

We grow businesses and we grow people

Outfund is committed to the success of the businesses it works with, and we believe this commitment provides meaningful rewards to the people who work here. As a team, we embrace challenges and are passionate about helping everyone grow to their full potential. We accept criticism and learn from our mistakes with empathy and eagerness. We value honesty and transparency, so you will always be encouraged to share new ideas and speak freely with every member of the team.

Our team has worked at

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Some Cool People On Our Team

Alan - Chief Operating Officer


Chief Operating Officer

Alan has been part of Outfund since its inception, and was previously a magic circle solicitor. As our dynamic COO, he works with our tech team to ensure that our platform and processes align with the needs of our investments and team members. He's basically our go-to man for everything!

Jack - Investment Associate


Investment Associate

Jack is one of our star investment managers and is passionate about exploring and helping businesses reach their full potential. He comes from great companies like EatWith and Sonnovate, he is a born winner, and enjoys the camaraderie between everyone in the company, especially when he discovers hidden gems to invest in.

Bertil - Data Scientist


Data Scientist

Bertil is a data king from Facebook and Deliveroo. He owns our data science function and works with data flow, quality, reporting and statistical models. He appreciates the fact that employees are trusted to do their jobs to the best of their ability, and enjoys the open communication throughout multiple departments.

Rob - Portfolio Manager


Portfolio Manager

Rob comes from Seedrs, and now nurtures existing clients and supports their continual growth. He's extremely passionate about working alongside founders of some of the most exciting startups in the UK, and helping to ensure they reach their growth goals.

In office and remote

Joining Outfund gets you on the ground floor of one of the UK's fastest growing fintech companies. You get to play a part in the growth of hundreds of businesses, as well as this one. We believe in bringing on the most-talented people and offer them the opportunity to learn the skills they will need to be among the top-tier of business professionals as their careers progress.
  • You get your birthday off!

    Every employee gets their birthday off. There's more to life here than just work, so you can spend your big day doing what you want.

  • Fast paced

    Our fast-paced environment makes us a highly adaptive team who rely on one another to make this mission possible.

  • Cool bunch

    We're a cool bunch with a vision and passion for winning, and we'll always have time to share a joke in our very, very serious meetings. Oh, and we workout together twice a week!

What We Value

  • 🚀 Entrepreneurship

    Nothing is impossible. We hustle harder, fail better, and succeed sooner.

  • 🎮 Ownership

    We get things done. Every task is approached with passion, energy, and accountability. Because good work works.

  • ⚖️ Balance

    We're a mixture of willingness and non-conformism. Logic and creativity. Work and play.

  • 🧠 Growth Mindset

    We don't do ‘business as usual'. Our challenger attitude means we're always looking to go beyond.

  • 🤝 Trust

    We're radically transparent; we're all building the same thing, and we know that none of us are as smart as all of us.

  • 🤗 Empathy

    The heart of good business is understanding. From our customers to our colleagues, we put people first.

Delivering unmatched service

We're on your side. We've invested millions into thousands of businesses around the world. We've been supported with $100m by leading investors, including Fuel Ventures, Force Over Mass, and TMT Investments, among others. Our backers have previously invested in global businesses like Deliveroo, Facebook, Bolt, Heroes, and Paddle. And now we want to help every founder build their own vision.
  • Regulated by the FCA

    We're regulated by the FCA in the UK and uphold stringent requirements to the highest standards

  • Data protection

    Your security is our priority. We're committed to keeping your business data safe, and we're transparent in how we collect, process, and store it.

  • 24/7 support

    Our platform support team is available 24/7. Their mission is to make things easy for you.