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How IMC boosted monthly revenue from £26M to £35M in 5 months

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About IMC

Internet Mobile Communications (IMC), trading as Bank of Telecom, is the world's largest international marketplace for telecom trade. Under the leadership of CEO Mark Stewart, IMC sought to list on the London Stock Exchange within three years. With a run rate of £500 million, they needed significant funding to develop and scale their business rapidly.


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“Outfund's efficient and transparent process, combined with their excellent relationship management, was key to our decision. We highly recommend Outfund to any UK business looking for fast and flexible funding."

Mark Stewart, CEO of IMC (Internet Mobile Communications)


IMC faced the challenge of securing substantial capital to support their goal of listing on the London Stock Exchange or a trade sale. Traditional funding methods were not only slow but also inadequate to meet their rapid growth needs. The company required a funding solution that was both fast and flexible, allowing them to quickly deploy capital and maintain their growth trajectory.


IMC discovered Outfund through their broker. Outfund, a leading FinTech SME lender, offers fast and customisable funding solutions, including revenue-based financing and fixed repayments. Their unique "build your own offer" feature stood out to IMC, as provided the flexibility and speed they needed. IMC's relationship with Outfund allowed them to benefit from competitive rates and to engage in open discussions with a dedicated relationship manager.


With Outfund's support, IMC experienced a significant boost in their revenues. Over a five-month period, the company's monthly revenues increased from £26 million to £35 million. This rapid growth was a direct result of the timely and flexible funding provided by Outfund. The capital injection allowed IMC to accelerate their development, improve their policies and procedures, and prepare for a future listing on the London Stock Exchange.

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