How our funding works

Outfund offers on-demand, non-dilutive funding. We combine the best of debt and equity finance, and avoid the worst of each.

Revenue based financing

The model is simple. Using your monthly revenue as a guide, you get quick access to up-front capital for growth in exchange for a small percentage of your future earnings. Make your repayments via a flexible revenue share as your daily sales come in. If revenues slow, so do repayments. Easier on your cash flow and better for your business.
  • No dilution

    Why give up equity to fund repeatable aspects of your business like digital marketing? It's your business. Stay in control.

  • No personal guarantees

    Breathe easier without restrictive collateral. Access to capital has never been easier.

  • No interest rates

    A one-time flat fee. The cost of capital is always transparent and repaid fairly from future revenue.

The Process

Start growing now - No paperwork, just funding at your fingertips
Step one to get funding

1. Apply for funding

Securely connect your accounts: we connect with your existing banking and payments systems to analyse your revenue data in realtime. Receive a tailored offer from £10k to £10m within 48 hours.

Step two to get funding

2. Select an offer

Start spending your funds: 100% of the capital is available to use after selecting our offer. Ramp your investment in your business to fuel your growth.

Step three to get funding

3. Use funds

Capital is credited to your Outfund account, and you decide how to spend.
  • Virtual card - Set up your digital marketing card and invest in your ads.
  • Invoice payments - Upload your invoices to our platform and we’ll fund your business expenses like inventory, logistics, and agency fees.
  • Receive funds in your bank account - Get the flexibility to spend on what you need. * Availability is based on your circumstances, and it is subject to review
Step four to get funding

4. Repay on your terms

Pay back your balance with a small share of your new sales. Payments flex up and down in line with your incoming revenue. Quiet month? Lower repayments.

Step five to get funding

5. Scale faster

Meet our network: we connect you with growth partners, specialist agencies and VCs so you can hit your long-term milestones.

Step one to get funding

6. Top up

Access to additional capital: your dedicated Growth Manager supports your ongoing capital needs so you can keep scaling without limits.

Human capital

Payment made ont the phone

We provide support beyond funding. Our portfolio team are here to regularly check in, advise on your growth, and make introductions to our extensive network of trusted partners. We give every founder access to services which are usually hidden behind the walls of venture capital.

Your Growth Manager is an advisor, partner, troubleshooter, and follow-up funding manager. At Outfund, we prioritise long-term relationships over short-term gains

Payment made ont the phone

Delivering unmatched service

We're on your side. We've invested millions into thousands of businesses around the world. We've been supported with £100m by leading investors, including Fuel Ventures, Force Over Mass, and TMT Investments, among others. Our backers have previously invested in global businesses like Deliveroo, Facebook, Bolt, Heroes, and Paddle. And now we want to help every founder build their own vision.
  • Regulated by the FCA

    We're regulated by the FCA in the UK and uphold stringent requirements to the highest standards

  • Data protection

    Your security is our priority. We're committed to keeping your business data safe, and we're transparent in how we collect, process, and store it.

  • 24/7 support

    Our platform support team is available 24/7. Their mission is to make things easy for you.