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About Paolita

Paolita is a London-based swim and resort wear brand, founded in 2010 by Anna Paola, who serves as the designer and creative director. Inspired by a love for travel and the need to look effortlessly stylish, Paolita draws from the multicultural energy of London and Anna's mixed heritage, from growing up in Greece to her maternal roots in Mexico.

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Business model

“We’ve leveraged Outfund to help manage our cash-flow through fashion’s seasonal peaks and troughs.”

Anna Paola, Founder of Paolita


Building a business in the ever-evolving fashion sector presents numerous challenges. Paolita strives to create a timeless brand with a strong emphasis on quality and design, which has been crucial to its success. Despite these challenges, Paolita has not sought external investment to grow the business.

Getting funded

To manage cash flow through fashion's seasonal peaks and troughs, Paolita leveraged funding from Outfund. This financial flexibility has been essential in maintaining operations and continuing to produce unique, high-quality products. 


"Building a brand that is timeless, with a real focus on quality and design, has been key to our ability to be successful. We tell stories with our prints that evolve every year - a lot of research goes into what we do and we think our customer appreciates the uniqueness of the products which we produce." Shares Anna.

Looking ahead, Paolita has launched its Autumn/Winter 'ready to wear' collection, designed to provide versatile pieces that can be worn year-round. With the support of Outfund, the brand is also set to open a second UK store and is actively exploring opportunities to establish its first US location.


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