Turn Out-of-Stock Products into a Revenue Stream with Fabrikator

Many DTC brands continue to struggle with the uncertainties caused by disruptions in the supply chain. Fluctuating lead times and logistics prices are resulting in stockouts. As a result, many shoppers leave stores empty-handed and merchants to lose potential sales revenue.

Fabrikatör is a Germany-based DTC technologies company that addresses the out-of-stock problems with its unique two-step approach: First, Fabrikatör turns the out-of-stock products into a revenue stream by taking customer-centric backorders. Second, minimizing the risk of running out of stock in the future by surfacing the critical inventory insights and forecasts.

As an active Outfund customer, you are eligible for using Fabrikatör free for the first 3 months and get a free "inventory checkup" with their expert.

Take a peek at this video and check how our growth managers use Fabrikatör for helping stores like yours to grow faster.