New Digital Partnership To Accelerate eCommerce Growth For UK Startups

A UK e-commerce investor and digital insights specialist have joined forces to help accelerate business transition online.

And the news comes at a time when firms across all sectors are seeking to capitalise on the rapid growth of online sales and marketing, with the UK e-commerce market projected to reach over £80.67bn in 2021.

Upstart Outfund has partnered with Diginius, a London-based technology company, who specialise in digital marketing and ecommerce solutions, which has already acquired big brand attention with the likes of Dreams, Thomas Lyte and Skinny Dip onboard.

And with the latest ONS figures for April indicating a strong continued demand for online sales, the new venture seems well placed to solidify business' reputation in an increasingly competitive ecommerce sphere: “We're delighted to be joining forces with Outfund,” said Diginius CEO Nate Burke. Today's digital market is booming, but it's an ever more saturated landscape that needs to deliver a unique differentiator and a genuine chance for skilled startups to succeed.

“What this partnership enables is for firms to not only to get the financial support they need, but also the real-time insight and perspective on which marketplaces are performing successfully, and which present the most avenues for growth, all tailored to the individual needs of the client and their sector.”

Outfund, which has already helped deliver growth for the likes of Onto and The Vegan Kind, two firms in increasingly popular spheres of electric car and vegan food subscriptions, recently announced an £100m commitment to e-commerce and subscription-based firms over the next 12 months.

The business has already raised over £37m, delivering a service that helps online businesses accelerate their online activities without giving away equity.

And with Diginius partnership now sealed, Outfund CEO Daniel Lipinski believes more firms can look to make their mark on the e-commerce landscape: “Outfund and Diginius both provide critical services for e-commerce and SaaS companies – funding and PPC/analytics respectively."

“Whilst almost all businesses will require these services throughout their existence, in most instances it is done so in isolation. Through our partnership with Diginius, we are combining our funding with their analytics expertise so that these areas work synonymously, with the ultimate goal of driving our shared client's growth to new heights.”