Founders and how Outfund helped them succeed

Electric vehicle subscriptions. Biotech. Ultra-fast grocery delivery. Wine in a can. The world's darkest paint. Some of the world's most exciting brands are part of the Outfund portfolio. Each business is led by a founder with a vision. We know how hard it is to build that vision. That's why we provide rocket-fuel funding to make scaling simple.

Featured Stories

Featured Brands

  • We funded Serge DeNimes

    Serge DeNimes logo vector svg
    A male model wearing Serge DeNimes jewlery
  • We funded Feel

    Feel logo vector svg
    Feel vitamins held in the air by a hand
  • We funded 304

    304 brand logo vector svg
    Two models wearing blac 304 branded hoodies and green and pink beanies
  • We funded Vegan Kind

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    Vegan kind beauty box product shot
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