Are You Ready for Prime Day?

Prime Day is just around the corner, and for e-commerce business owners, it's one of the most crucial sales events of the year. But are you fully prepared to take advantage of the surge in online shoppers? At Outfund, we understand the challenges you face and want to help you maximise your success. That’s why we’ve created an interactive quiz to help you assess your Prime Day readiness and identify areas where you might need a little extra support.

Why Prime Day Preparation Matters

Prime Day offers a unique opportunity for amazon businesses to boost their sales, reach new customers, and enhance their brand visibility. However, without proper preparation, you might miss out on the full potential of this event. From ensuring you have enough inventory to managing marketing campaigns and handling increased customer enquiries, there are many factors to consider.


Check Your Amazon Business is Set Up for Success

Let’s cover the essential aspects of Prime Day preparation. Answer a few quick questions to see how ready you are and get personalised recommendations to improve your strategy.

Inventory Management

Do you have enough inventory to meet increased Prime Day demand? It’s important to ensure your business has enough stock to meet demand. If you need more stock, Outfund can provide the flexible financing you need to purchase additional inventory without cash flow worries.

Marketing and Promotion

Have you planned your Prime Day marketing strategy? Boost your marketing efforts with extra capital from Outfund. Our financing options, including Amazon seller loans and e-commerce business loans, can help you reach more customers and maximise your Prime Day sales.

Website Preparedness

Is your website optimised to handle high traffic volumes? There’s nothing worse than your website crashing during a peak sales period. Amazon's summer Prime Day offering in July 2023 sold more than 375 million items worldwide; imagine missing out on this. Use Outfund financing to invest in website optimisation tools and services, ensuring your site can handle the Prime Day rush.

Customer Support

Do you have adequate customer support in place for Prime Day? Enhance your customer support team with funds from Outfund, ensuring a smooth and positive experience for your Prime Day shoppers.

Shipping and Fulfilment

Are your shipping and fulfilment processes ready for the Prime Day rush? Improve your shipping and fulfilment processes with additional resources from Outfund, ensuring timely deliveries and happy customers.

Budget and Financing

Do you have the budget to cover additional expenses for Prime Day? Outfund offers flexible financing solutions, including revenue-based finance loans, to cover all Prime Day expenses, from marketing to inventory and beyond.

Technology and Tools

Are you utilising any special tools or technologies for Prime Day? Invest in advanced tools and technologies with Outfund’s financing solutions, giving you a competitive edge this Prime Day.

Competitive Analysis

Have you analysed your competitors’ Prime Day strategies? Gain insights into competitor strategies by allocating funds from Outfund to market research and analysis tools.

How Outfund Can Help

Outfund offers comprehensive solutions to get you ready for Prime Day. Secure flexible financing to purchase additional inventory and use our Amazon lending solutions to boost your marketing efforts and maximise sales. Invest in website optimisation tools and services to handle high traffic volumes, and enhance your support team to ensure a positive shopping experience for customers. Improve your shipping and fulfilment processes with additional resources, and cover all expenses with revenue-based finance loans tailored to your needs. Additionally, invest in advanced tools and technologies to stay competitive, and allocate funds for in-depth competitor analysis and market research.


Ready to create your personalised loan offer? Outfund’s "Build Your Own Offer" tool allows you to tailor your financing to match your specific needs. This flexibility ensures you get the support you need precisely when you need it, making it easier to prepare for Prime Day and other key sales events.