Outfund and Sky Media to Support Brands in Scaling Through the Power of TV

Global eCommerce investor Outfund develops relationship with Sky Media to support brands to scale through the power of TV

Outfund today announced a new relationship with Sky Media, the advertising arm of Sky, to support the investor’s consumer brands seeking access to TV audiences. By working with Sky Media’s Direct to Scale programme, Outfund clients will benefit from a dedicated consultant, helping them to establish the most effective strategy to scale their brand across relevant territories. Including Sky’s own reach alongside sister organisations like NBCUniversal, brands have a potential audience of more than 700m across 150 countries.

With solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes, this initiative helps create demand for consumer brands and then convert that demand; whether using TV to boost brand awareness, targeting relevant in-market audiences through addressable tech like AdSmart (more than 70% of advertisers using AdSmart are new to TV) or combining the fame TV delivers with the immediacy of e-commerce through Shoppable TV. Sky’s experienced consultants will support businesses on the TV journey from start to finish, helping brands maximise the most trusted and effective form of advertising to help them grow.

Outfund is one of the world’s largest e-commerce investors and offers a new way for start-ups to fund their growth. Outfund provides funding from £10k to £2m, allowing clients to invest in marketing and inventory without giving away equity or requiring personal guarantees. Companies can apply in minutes and receive funding within 24 hours.

“As TV advertising becomes smarter, more addressable and more accountable, it opens up an unbelievable opportunity for start-ups to use the power of TV to make their brands famous. From direct-to-consumer beauty to upmarket static bikes, Sky Media & NBCUniversal have already helped scale many successful fast-growing brands on an international scale. Having seen the ability for our portfolio to grow brands and connect with the hearts and minds of consumers we would be delighted to help Outfund founders scale and achieve their unique business needs this year”.
- Katharine Dunlap, Head of Direct to Scale at Sky Media

“We’re excited to bring direct access to a key marketing channel that is underutilized by founders today. Our relationship with Sky Media & NBCUniversal will help educate new and existing customers on the tremendous benefits of TV.”
- Mark Jorgenson, Head of Global Partnerships at Outfund