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Curious to find out more?

What types of businesses do you lend to?

We lend to a variety of businesses that meet the following criteria:

  • 12+ months in business
  • £25k+ monthly revenue
  • Business registered in the UK

What are your information requirements?

To generate offers, our underwriters need up-to-date information including:

  • Company and director details
  • Bank connections/statements
  • Accounting software connections/recent financials

What platforms do you connect to?

We connect to various business platforms, including bank accounts, processors, and Codat, to streamline the offer generation process. For a complete list of the platforms we connect to, please don't hesitate to contact our commercial broker specialist team at

What is your typical assessment process through to settlement?

Once your client submits an application and provides the necessary documents or connections, our underwriting team assesses the business and its affordability. A soft credit search will need to be carried out to determine eligibility for a facility.

After confirmation, your client can select an offer, and a contract is sent for signing. Finally, on completion of final checks, funds become accessible.

What type of security or charges do you take?

We typically request:

  • Directors' Indemnity
  • Debenture

In certain situations, we may also request a Cross Company Guarantee or Personal Guarantee.

Can businesses repay the loan early?

Yes, if or when this is needed please reach out to a dedicated account manager.