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How Bhumi achieved an average year-on-year growth of 32%

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About Bhumi

In 2022, amidst the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Dushyant and Vinita Baravkar took a leap of faith with Bhumi, their e-commerce venture. Over time, Bhumi became Australia's go-to for premium, sustainable organic cotton bedding and clothing. Their vision? To offer ethical and sustainable choices to consumers, inspired by Dushyant's interest in sustainability in New York and Vinita's grassroots work across India and Bangladesh.

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“Speed trumps everything and to us Outfund is among the fastest financing options available in the market. Your team has been phenomenal in our journey.”

Dushyant Baravkar, Founder of Bhumi


The surge in consumer spending during the pandemic propelled Bhumi into the e-commerce limelight. "We started selling more than we anticipated," Dushyant recalls. This unexpected success instilled confidence, leading them to fully invest in their venture. However, rapid growth brought along a pressing need for capital.

Finding suitable growth financing options became challenging, especially considering Dushyant's reluctance towards early-stage investors and the limitations of traditional banking facilities. Relying solely on conventional bank loans proved to be restrictive, prompting Bhumi to explore alternative avenues.


Navigating the lending landscape, Bhumi discovered the potential of revenue-based financing, as it gained momentum during the pandemic. "We stumbled upon the revenue-based finance industry," recalls Dushyant. Ultimately the decision was made because the founders “wanted to return the cash quickly in order to borrow a little bit more if need be,” and revenue based finance offered the flexibility and speed needed to fuel Bhumi's growth plans.

Bhumi opted for a balanced approach, combining revenue-based financing with traditional bank facilities. "Having one revenue-based provider alongside a traditional bank facility makes perfect sense for an e-commerce and capital-intensive business like ours," explains Dushyant.

Getting funded

Beginning their work with Outfund demonstrated the benefits of speed, flexibility, and practicality in a lending solution. "Nothing trumps speed," emphasises Dushyant. Thanks to Outfund's fast responses and customised loan offers, Bhumi could quickly capitalise on opportunities, including preparing for anticipated seasonal spikes.

"I was truly impressed by the speed," reflects Dushyant on the funding offer received in less than 24 hours. "The Outfund team was practical and as they often do, they put their business hat on and Jackson came back almost immediately with a compelling offer," he explains.



Bhumi's journey with Outfund exemplifies how strategic financing, characterised by speed, flexibility, and practicality, can push SME businesses towards sustainable growth.

The potential to execute a multi-channel strategy underscores the impact of tailored funding solutions on Bhumi's continued success. Dushyant states, “We’ve started looking at building our offline presence, through brick and mortar establishments in London, New York and more.”

With average year-on-year growth of 32%, significantly surpassing industry norms, Bhumi's success is a testament to the importance of strategic growth financing. “We’ve turned to Outfund every time because they offer a dependable service with a consistent criteria that we know we can rely on.”


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