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Empowering Sleep: The Colchón Morfeo Journey with Outfund

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About Colchón Morfeo

Colchón Morfeo is a Spanish-based mattress brand dedicated to revolutionizing the way people sleep. The company was founded in 2017 by Elena Fernández Sánchez with the mission to improve sleep quality, which in turn enhances overall well-being and daily performance.

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Business Model

“I’m so proud of the brand we have built in the Spanish market.”

Elena Fernández Sánchez, Founder of Colchón Morfeo


Starting a business in the competitive mattress industry posed significant challenges. Elena and her team aimed to create a high-quality product that would stand out in the market. Bootstrapping the business from the beginning meant they faced financial constraints while striving to maintain product quality and achieve customer satisfaction.


Despite these challenges, Colchón Morfeo focused on developing mattresses with innovative materials and designs to enhance sleep quality. They ensured a low return rate, with only 6% of customers returning their mattresses, demonstrating high customer satisfaction. Additionally, they built a strong brand presence in the Spanish market, founded on the reliability and comfort of their products.

Getting funded

Colchón Morfeo secured financial support to overcome financial constraints and enable strategic expansion without sacrificing equity. The funds were used to enhance the design and manufacturing processes, ensuring high product quality, and to prepare for launching their products in specialist retailers to increase physical presence and customer reach.

colchon morfeo founder


With this financial support, Colchón Morfeo achieved a remarkably low return rate of 6%, indicating high customer satisfaction and product approval. They established a strong and reputable brand in the Spanish market and positioned themselves for expansion into physical retail locations, aiming to reach more customers and enhance their market presence.


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